Founder and Advisor

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TBM Council Technical Advisor

AFounder and Technical Advisor* to the TBM Council, Apptio supports Council members and assumes several responsibilitiesuch as:

  • Providing expertise on TBM topics based on applied research and development combined with the experience from thousands of TBM software implementations, rollouts, and roadmaps.
  • Underwriting a Iarge portion of TBM Council expenses for workgroups and events.
  • Promoting TBM Council events to customers, partners, investors, and others.
  • Assisting with research that defines business value metrics and KPIs.
  • Introducing consultancies, technology vendors, and potential partners to the TBM Council community.
  • Developing and maintaining TBM Council websites, the community site, and online properties.
  • Hosting teleconferences and meetings on important TBM topics.
  • Acquiring, analyzing, and leveraging benchmarking data.

*In return for the large contribution of funds, time, expertise, and intellectual property to the TBM Council, Apptio reserves the right to serve as the TBM Council’s exclusive technology advisor.

History of the TBM Council

The TBM Council was born out of Apptio’s biannual TBM Summits—where many CIOs, including members of the founding Board of Directors, expressed the need for an independently governed peer community of TBM practitioners. Founded in 2012 as a nonprofit business entity led by an independent board of business technology leaders, the TBM Council is focused on improving business outcomes by giving technology, finance, and business leaders a consistent way to translate technology investments to business value through Education, Standards, and Collaboration.