Press Release

TBM Council Launches Asia-Pacific Chapter,
Appoints Industry Experts to Regional Advisory Board

Sydney, Australia & Singapore – September 30, 2021 – The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a nonprofit organisation that promotes TBM standards and practices to empower collaboration between IT leaders and business partners, has announced the formation of its Asia-Pacific (APAC) chapter and appointed a Regional Advisory Board comprised of financial and technology executives from leading banks, government agencies, and consulting organisations based in Australia and Singapore.

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a value management framework used by CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and their teams, to translate technology investments to business value, drive organisational alignment and accelerate data-driven decision making. The best practice model defines the tools, processes, data, and people needed to manage the business of technology.

The TBM Council APAC was formed to cultivate a regional community of technology and financial leaders who leverage data on cost, consumption, quality, and performance to improve alignment and continuously optimise technology spend. The Council aims to improve collaboration with business partners to deliver the most impactful outcomes for their organisations.

The new APAC Regional Advisory Board is co-chaired by Craig Wishart, CIO at KPMG Australia and Head of KPMG ASPAC Technology Services Group, and Gerard Florian, Group Executive, Technology at ANZ. Wishart and Florian sit in Australia.

“The purpose of the TBM Council APAC will be to develop communities for collaboration, education and standards development,” said Craig Wishart, CIO at KPMG Australia and Head of KPMG ASPAC Technology Services Group. “The priority is to establish a strategy community for TBM adoption. We will then turn our focus to vertical communities, and we will offer certification courses to senior IT leaders and finance managers to arm them with essential knowledge to drive business transformation within IT by running a successful TBM program.”

The TBM Council APAC fosters opportunities for members to share, learn about and advance TBM standards and best practices; create and evolve standards and best practices for TBM in APAC; and offer education and certification to foster a group of TBM experts in APAC.

“Technology spend across APAC is tipped to exceed the US$1 trillion mark by 2024; but it takes a defensible plan to deliver on the intended outcomes of those investments,” said Ben Allard, Vice President APAC at Apptio and Regional Vice President APAC of the TBM Council. “The APAC chapter of the TBM Council provides a forum and framework to help organisations avoid the operational disruption, cost overrun and project delays that have become prevalent alongside increasing technology spend in this part of the world.”

The TBM Council APAC will host a TBM Executive Primer seminar on December 8, 2021, which will provide an introduction to the framework of discipline and value conversation necessary to optimise the impact of technology on business performance.

Globally, the TBM Council has more than 10,000 members across North America – where the TBM Standards Board is based – plus Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), including Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ), and Europe. The community also offers specialised verticals for Cloud, Agile, CFOs for IT (CFOs4IT), Insurance, Manufacturing, Government, and Healthcare.

The TBM Council is holding its annual TBM Conference virtually from October 11 to 13, 2021. There will be a Live APAC Connect Day session on October 13. For more information and to register, visit the TBM Conference 2021 website.