2015 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2015 Award Winners!

Business Innovation

How AOL Uses Data to Lead a Transformation to Cloud

To help its media properties like Huffington Post and TechCrunch innovate faster and more profitably, AOL used its cost and performance model to determine it should embrace public cloud. It has already retired 14,000 servers, sold off a data center and lowered its carbon footprint 42%. Deep understanding of its service costs, capacity and performance was also a critical factor in AOL’s decision to acquire the majority of Microsoft’s advertising business this summer.

CFO of IT Excellence

How Clorox Automated IT Planning to Drive Predictability and Budget Agility​

Clorox uses TBM methodologies and their TBM system to integrate and automate their previously fragmented IT planning processes. By almost doubling the accuracy and increasing the detail of its IT spending forecasts they saved 7% on a major outsourcing contract, free up 80 man-hours each quarter, and quickly identify unspent funds so they could be redirected to innovation projects.

TBM Champion

How Cox Plans and Optimizes Technology Across Companies with a Standard Cost & KPI Model

Cox Enterprises is a group of privately-held companies that have all independently chosen to adopt TBM. Each runs its own TBM systems that interconnect using cost model standards to opportunities for group efficiencies as well as inter-company benchmarking to learn from each other. To help the business avoid later surprises and ensure IT is adequately funded, Cox Enterprises infuses its project funding process with a review of expected five-year run costs based on its service cost model. In its own TBM program, Cox Automotive uses its standard cost model to quickly see how to best integrate technology of companies it acquires, identify opportunities for consolidation such as labor contracts and communications carriers and manage its consumption of public cloud services.

IT Services Transformation

How Fannie Mae Merges IT and Business Operations Data to Target Investment

In a bid to build the next generation of home financing infrastructure, Fannie Mae uses TBM to understand not only technology costs but also business operation cost and time efficiency. The company is shaping investment in technology and operations with models that allow business users to explore the total costs and connections between applications, business operations and business capabilities – such as turning a pool of loans into a mortgage-backed security.

Infrastructure Trailblazer

From Fusion to Fission: How eBay Used ATUM Model to Merge, Then Split, with PayPal

For 15 months eBay made data-driven decisions to integrate eBay and PayPal infrastructures into a single digital engine running $260 billion of commerce. Using data about cost, capacity and performance they “cut through religious debates” to standardize on the best services each had to offer and rework supplier agreements, resulting in “hundreds of millions of dollars” in new efficiencies. With the announcement that PayPal would be split off, they were given just nine months to split them apart. Using their cost and KPI model they were able to accelerate planning and execution to meet deadlines for FCC filings and other agreements, all while keeping infrastructure humming during the holiday season.

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