2016 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2016 Award Winners!

Business Innovation

How TBM Drives Business Strategy at Royal Bank of Scotland

For Royal Bank of Scotland, the TBM team was formed to understand and effectively map technology cost to business consumption of that technology. Today, TBM underpins strategic decision-making and is driving front and center of cost takeout aligned with business objectives. Application rationalization is more effectively considered for all related costs and across the entire stack that supports the application, enabling the business to look at every facet of cost reduction and make decisions about priorities based on complete information. A large, enterprise-wide team is utilizing TBM to problem solve, positioning IT as a strategic partner to the business.


IT Optimization

Saving $330 Million at HP Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise needed to move away from being an unexplainable tax to the business and toward becoming a true strategic partner. They needed to shift substantial funds used to run the business into changing the business while, at the same time, offering complete cost transparency into technology expenses. With the help of TBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is on track to save $330 million over three years.

IT Services Transformation

Game Changing Insights Lead to Innovation at FedEx

In an effort to unite operational silos and manage IT spend across business units, FedEx used cost transparency and application & infrastructure analysis to unveil key drivers behind their multimillion-dollar IT spend. This fueled a shift to fact- versus assumption-based decision-making that enabled redistribution of existing run-the-business spending to change-the business initiatives. Examples include decommissioning tens-of-thousands of servers and all associated costs to yield large savings in the infrastructure budget and a transition from decades-old legacy applications to solutions that support cloud, e-commerce, and new ways to work with customers.

Strategy & Planning Excellence

Better Planning Leads to Better Outcomes at CHRISTUS Health

Given aggressive asset growth plans for the business, CHRISTUS Health created new levers for cost savings and cost avoidance in order to contain IT spending and improve IT leverage. By modeling and reporting on the TCO of 1,200 applications, they were able to identify spend per service category and applications on a monthly basis. This helped tie a $60 million growth in application spend to increased demand for resources, leading to more productive C-suite conversations about consumption. Strength of transparency and improved relationships with the business positioned the CIO for immediate approval of the IT budget without any of the churn required in past years.

CFO of IT Excellence

Across the Business, KeyBank Creates Strategic Partnerships

Kim Manigault, EVP and CFO, Technology & Operations and Amy Brady, CIO, EVP Technology & Operations Executive at KeyBank came to the organization with the idea to elevate the business partnerships across the bank. With TBM-enabled insights into IT consumption and costs, IT, finance, and business unit owners now come together as partners, speaking a common language with aligned business goals to achieve a shared outcome. Now, as equal business partners, the conversations have shifted from costs to value, empowering everyone in the business partnership.

TBM Business Leadership

How ExxonMobil IT Stepped Up Its Game to Become a Model for Innovation

ExxonMobil’s sheer size and complexity makes it challenging for the IT team to drive balanced conversations with their business stakeholders. IT must help the businesses they support identify unique technology investments to help EM win in the marketplace. To enable a new conversation inside IT and with their customers, the team focused on providing IT base services TCO and translating this into business processes / capabilities. Today, 14 tower owners are actively using the TBM framework to manage costs, compare themselves against benchmarks, and balance cost and performance. Project managers are able to see the return on investment for the projects they run. By combining data driven analysis with tower insights, the TBM framework was able to generate efficiencies across towers and change the conversation internally within IT to be more balanced.

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