2020 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 Award Winners!

Value Acceleration - R+V

R+V is one of Germany’s largest insurers for private and corporate customers, providing a diverse array of products covering retirement, health, auto, home, and more. In a matter of months, R+V implemented their cost model and identified over fifty opportunities to optimize costs and prioritize execution. They centralized spending, optimized software licenses, reduced other costs through digitization, and more. They also accelerated decision-making and improved the confidence their teams have in the data they use.

Application Rationalization - Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs over 100,000 people worldwide. With TBM, Lockheed Martin is shifting how IT is managed from stovepipes to a holistic model. Three CIOs signed on as co-chairs of Lockheed Martin’s TBM steering committee, advancing their “One IT” approach across all of Lockheed Martin’s Business Areas. They also accelerated investment decisions from about two-and-a-half weeks to just a few days, while improving confidence in the data they use.

Business Value Innovation - Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group is a global financial services group operating in 31 markets around the globe. With TBM, Macquarie drove many quantifiable outcomes including a shift from run-the-business to change-the-business, cloud cost opportunities, and a reduction in on-prem infrastructure spend. Macquarie launched their “My Bill of IT” dashboard, showing every employee their IT consumption and cost. Based on their initial rollout, Macquarie has seen a reduction in End user spend over the last 6 months.

Cloud & Hybrid - Humana

Humana is a Fortune 100 American health insurance company with over 20 million members and 46,000 employees. With TBM, Humana made a 10% shift from run-the-business to change-the-business, a 5% reduction in spend on their applications, a 7% cloud cost savings, and increased discretionary funding by 50%. Humana identified $35 million being spent on inactive applications, which led to a formal application retirement process.

Strategic Planning - Logistics Management Institute

The Logistics Management Institute (LMI) is a consulting firm dedicated to improving the business of government. With TBM, LMI drove a 20% reduction in overall IT costs, shifted a high percentage of run-the-business spending to change-the-business, allocated 100% cloud costs allocations back to cost centers, and shifted 10% more money to discretionary priorities. They also drove significant improvements to financial management processes, like halving the time for both annual budgeting and monthly forecasting, which reduced employee hours spent on IT billing by 75%.

Innovation Acceleration - Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a global banking and financial services company operating across more than 70 countries. With TBM, Standard Chartered realized a 50% reduction in time to answer ad hoc questions about overall costs, allocated 60% of cloud costs back to cost centers, and reduced vendor invoice validation time from 14 days to 6. The team developed TBM use cases to drive efficiency, executing 22 of them in 2020. They partnered with their Retail Technology team to deliver on key pillars of the Tech Excellence Program.

Investment Planning - NatWest Group

NatWest Group is a global financial services firm with several well-known banking brands, including the Royal Bank of Scotland. With TBM, NatWest created a transparent process to support the bank’s Technology Transformation program addressing Core Modernization, Data Centre Strategy, Application Simplification, Domain & Centre of Excellence, and the use of Agile tools, practices, and techniques. They significantly accelerated investment planning by streamlining and automating the planning process, completely shifting away from spreadsheets. Meanwhile, NatWest has gained much greater fidelity into the impact of new investments on their run-the-bank spending.

Vendor Optimization - Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the United States, providing care, research, and healthcare education. With TBM, Cleveland Clinic optimizes vendor spend by producing unique reporting for their outsourcing bill, invoice compliance, service agreement compliance, and purchase order burndown. The TBM Office streamlined more than ten invoice spreadsheets into a standardized monthly report, along with 40 to 50 workbooks received each month with IT operational data. This allowed them to identify several very expensive billing issues that have since been corrected.

Thriving Through Disruption - Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, a Fortune 100 company, is a global investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York City. By capitalizing on digital transformation over the last decade, Morgan Stanley’s TBM team was able to adapt quickly to a remote work environment brought on by COVID. Through close connectivity with key business and technology stakeholders and resilient planning processes in place, TBM was able to respond quickly when executing on business priorities and addressing anticipated volatility.  

Overall Performance - University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, or UPenn, is an Ivy League university in Philadelphia that was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. It is one of just nine colonial colleges chartered prior to the U.S. Declaration of Independence. With TBM, UPenn has achieved a large number of significant benefits, starting with a dramatic improvement in the trust of their internal clients. They’ve rationalized over 600 applications down to 125, and over 800 services down to 65, along with five billing mechanisms down to one. Meanwhile, UPenn reduced overall IT costs, shifted run-the-business spending to change-the-business investments, drove cost savings on public cloud, accelerated both budgeting and forecasting times, and reduced the time and effort for investment planning.

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