2021 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2021 Award Winners!

IT Financial Leadership - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Technical Finance team relied on forecasts that took half a year to create. With a vision of operating within a modern ecosystem, its implementation of ApptioOne Plus shortened the time to create budgets and forecasts by 25-50%—enabling financial analysts to be re-assigned to more value-add activities. In the two years since Wells Fargo adopted TBM, it has identified $65M of savings and optimization opportunities.

IT Financial Leadership - EDF Energy

Facing cost allocation challenges for cloud, printing, and end-user services, EDF wanted transparency into consumption details and automation of error-prone processes. TBM empowers EDF’s technology leaders to proactively manage consumption expenses. TBM helped pinpoint consumption information through an extensible, multi-user solution that replaced its highly manual, Excel-based solution. TBM adoption resulted in increased the numbers of monthly, directly recharged services and led to transparent, timely, and accurate billing.


Business Optimization - MassMutual

Mass Mutual wanted cost optimization and financial transparency across all aspects of forecasting. TBM was instrumental in identifying direct and stranded systems and services and respective costs associated with MassMutual’s divested Retirement business. By implementing a TBM program, Mass Mutual simplified its monthly forecast close and enabled visibility across all the Enterprise Technology Experience (ETX) organization—allowing them to automate the reporting of actuals vs. budget. Through TBM, Mass Mutual has helped their finance, business, and senior technology executives change how they communicate, empowering them to make informed, data-driven business and technology decisions.


Service Excellence - Liberty Mutual

As Liberty Mutual shifted to an agile delivery model, they needed a technology spend management discipline to enable cost transparency, accelerate the shift to cloud solutions, and align technology investments to business outcomes. Liberty Mutual implemented a cloud FinOps practice, chargeback, and product total cost of ownership (TCO) to make data-driven technology investment decisions.


Business Innovation - Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh sought to secure its competitive advantage by ending its IT group’s traditional functional mindset and beginning to operate like a business. Oshkosh believed it needed to significantly transform its IT function to efficiently provide advanced business capabilities. Oshkosh turned to Apptio to help implement a TBM program to build a trusted capability in TBM that clearly and efficiently provided IT cost transparency through a business lens.


Cloud Transformation - HSBC UK

Over the last few years, HSBC has seen significant growth in Public Cloud usage, requiring them to lead a more robust cost management program. Seeking to create a standardized spend transparency that opened opportunities for cost reduction, Apptio helped HSBC put a TBM team in place to effectively optimize for cost avoidance and future Cloud deployment.

Agile Evolution Award - Chevron

Prior to adopting agile, Chevron employed a proprietary methodology for waterfall-based software development. Chevron’s move to public cloud infrastructure presented a need for change as they sought to accelerate the pace workloads were migrating to the public cloud based on an iterative approach. Chevron also began to emphasize customer centricity, which relied further on agile frameworks and the shift from project-based to product-based models. By adopting Apptio tools and programs, Chevron’s business operations leverage scalable and innovative technology through reliable and cost-effective foundational solutions.

TBM Pacesetter - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

With a $3.6B spend in technology and operations, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) sought to deliver better and more efficient end-to-end transparency to their business partners with a TBM program. TBM enabled CBA them to review the entire ecosystem of tools, data, and processes within its IT organization. This review is a critical component in delivering profitability goals and supporting the technology simplification strategy. As part of this review, Finance, IT, and Business units self-serve IT Financial reporting and cost analysis.


Public Sector Excellence in TBM Award - U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Despite an increasing reliance on technology solutions to support the CBP mission, CBP found themselves with decreasing levels of funding. Aiming to mature their IT financial management capability to better understand and manage costs, CBP invested in TBM for a tech refresh that helped them find flexibility within their budget and modernize their IT infrastructure.

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