Strategy Communities

TBM Connect Communities

TBM Council membership offers access to various types of communities: strategy communities, networking groups, and special interest groups (SIGs). Each of these communities can be found online in TBM Connect, with discussions, a library, events, a membership roster and more. These are a good place to find content, learn of upcoming meetings, and connect with peers. Our strategy communities are organized by different topics, such as vertical industry (e.g., banking, healthcare, government, and more), initiative (e.g., agile adoption, public cloud adoption, TBM adoption), and role (e.g., CFO of IT).

Strategy Communities and SIGs are open to all Executive or Practitioner members of the TBM Council. To join, please click on the respective community link(s) below. Associate and Observing members are not eligible for Strategy Community or Special Interest Groups without an invitation. For questions or to learn more, please email us at


Strategy Communities

Strategy Communities are collaborative groups of members that get together to discuss TBM-related challenges, share TBM best practices and strategies for addressing those challenges, and grow their professional networks by connecting with industry peers. They typically meet every two to three months. Each has a chair or co-chairs who steer the focus topics of each community. They are also supported by a Technical Advisor from Apptio and sometimes other Industry Advisors (other professionals with deep subject matter experience).

For Vertical Industries

For Areas of Interest

Special Interest Groups 

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are less formal than Strategy Communities. They are designed to foster conversations and knowledge sharing through virtual communities in TBM Connect. Members of each SIG are responsible for cultivating and scheduling engagements and discussions. As each SIG develops, the Council may convert them into Strategy Communities.